Utilizing your HTC One to Remain Fit Modern technology is a great play in the way people lead and live a healthy life. You can find out that in many ways, the devices which you can use can also help in being healthy in one way or another. Among these devices are mobile phones having the smartphones right at the top position. You will find that a phone like the HTC One smartphone packs a lot of features, programs and applications that can keep you healthy and fit. This is possible with the use of the internet and health and fitness apps. Some of such apps can help you in reducing and regulating the calories that you take. One of the apps like the Calories Counter Pro can offer the workouts that can burn the calories in the uniform method. It also gives you the kind of meals you can eat to ensure that you regulate the amount of calories you eat. Finding the balance between what to eat and training is hard and this makes the Calorie counter app a valuable application. In case you would like to make the right workout, then you can think to use the HTC One smartphone application. The JEFIT apps can deliver on the training regimen that will focus on each part of your body. You will be able to handle different workouts sets that can focus on one set on one day while the next training can focus on the new area for the next training. You can set the goals you desire to attain as you train and the app will ensure that you push to gain them. The types of the workouts that you can do will focus on the lifting and on pushing the weights with the aerobics. If you find that weights are not your thing, but you are okay with aerobics, you can consider going for apps that focus on doing runs. Since Running consumes energy, it is an exercise known to give an evenly toned the body. This leads the body to burn the extra calories and to generate the energy that is needed. Runkeeper and My Tracks are some of the apps that you can consider if you like the workouts. Aside from these, you have other HTC One smartphone apps that will give you the option of running and other forms of active exercise. If you like the outdoors in doing your workouts, then you can have loads of exercise in varied forms. You are able to ride the bike, to do the light jogs or you can do the fast paces by walking around your block. This can look like it is a light task that you can accomplish , however you will get better result when you are concerned on how to keep healthy and fit at the same time. To monitor the result that you get from the workouts, it is done by the use of some apps like the Cardio Trainer. Other apps will deliver when it comes to living healthy and keeping fit. Some will need you to have an internet access for them to keep track of your locations as you run. Others can keep track of your heart rate while others can be considering the food intake. Overall, you will be tapping on the phone just to keep a record of results. It is not only important to keep your phone safe but also look stylish and for this, you will need a HTC One screen protector. This means that you should have a HTC One screen protector on the screen as a security measure against scratches. Also, HTC One screen protector also protects your phone from harmful UV rays. It is super easy to protect your phone with the HTC One accessories such as the HTC One S accessories and the HTC One X accessories.